Why can't I see textures in the viewport?
If you're using version 3.0 of the toolkit, make sure you're using Viewport 2.0. Then, make sure you're in shaded mode ("6" on the keyboard.) If your texture is still not displaying correctly, make sure you're using OpenGL as your Rendering Engine: Windows>Settings/Preferences>Preferences>Display>Viewport 2.0>Rendering Engine: OpenGL - Legacy. You will need to restart Maya if you change your Rendering Engine preference. If you're using gs_mptk version 2.0, you must be in Default Rendering in order to see the textures displayed.
MPTK seems to run slowly and/or texture thumbnails are not updating in the UI.
Open the Maya Preferences, and under the Display preferences, make sure your Render Swatches resolution is greater than your texture resolution. You will need to restart Maya for this change to take effect. Note that this may cause the User Interface to slow down thumbnail updates if you are using a lot of high resolution textures. Setting the texture limit lower should improve performance.
How can I use Arnold to Render?
The best way to use renderers other than Mental Ray or V-Ray is to create a separate Render Layer and assign the output of the gs_mptk Layered Texture to your shader of choice. This way, you will still be able to work with gs_mptk in the Master Layer. From the gs_mptk UI, go to File>Select Layered Texture. This will open the Hypershade and select the Layered Texture that gs_mptk manages for third party renderers. Graph the input and output connections to see the Layered Texture in the workspace.
When I try to add geometry to the Objects List through the UI, no geometry shows up.
This is most likely due to a failure of one of the plugins to load properly. Check to make sure you have all of the plugins loaded, that Mental Ray is loaded, and that gs_projCamMix is loaded as a mental ray shader.
My license isn't working. I can only run the toolkit in demo mode. Help?
Refer to the licenseing documentation, found here for gs_mptk version 2.0, and here for gs_mptk version 3.0.
Why does my render look different than the viewport?
The viewport OpenGL shading is intended to show only the textures in the Texture List and their respective mattes. All of the rendering attributes such as facing ratio are computed at render time for Mental Ray and V-Ray since they use raytracing to create the final matte.
I'm seeing what appears to be compositing issues with multiple layered textures. Why is this happening?
If your issue is related to the rendered image, you could be running into transparency depth limits. The Mattepainting Toolkit uses raytracing for rendering, so the limits must be set high enough in the Render Settings to account for all the texture layers. If your issue is related to Viewport 2.0, try adjusting the transparency settings for the viewport.

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