Import Point Clouds and Cameras

Spatial data from Agisoft Photoscan, Photosynth, and other Structure From Motion Software can be imported into Maya through the Mattepainting Toolkit.


Project spherical HDRIs

In addition to camera projection mapping, the Mattepainting Toolkit also supports spherical projections for equirectangular maps. Multiple HDRIs can be mapped onto geometry and blended together.


Paint Mattes on Geometry

Layered textures can be blended together directly in Maya's viewport by painting mattes on geometry. The resulting map is baked out to object UVs.


Bake Textures to UVs

Layered textures can be baked to object UVs for use as game assets or uploading to the web.


Rendering Flexibility

Any renderer that supports Maya's native layered textures can be used to render the output of the toolkit. Mental Ray and V-Ray shaders are included with the toolkit for additional raytracing functionality.


Feature Comparison Chart

Version 3.0 is the current release for Maya versions 2014-2015. All platforms are supported. Version 2.0 is still available for download for users working with earlier versions of Maya. gs_cptk is a lite version of the toolkit available from the Autodesk Exchange.

Feature v3.0 v2.0 gs_cptk
Viewport 2.0 Support
Viewport Matte Painting
Spherical Map Support
UV Map Support
Bake shaders to UVs
Support for third party renderers
V-Ray shaders for rendering
Render camera coverage maps
Import data from Photoscan or Photosynth
Blend layered textures together
Blend textures using render occlusion masking
Support for sequences of frames
3D Viewport Texture Layering