Zero Dark Thirty

Mattepainter Kent Matheson used the Mattepainting Toolkit to create this shot for the film Zero Dark Thirty.

To create the shot, a film plate was projected from a matchmoved camera and then blended with painted camera projection maps.


Gnomon Advanced 3D Mattepainting Techniques

Mattepainter Garrett Fry uses the Mattepainting Toolkit in this excellent instructional DVD from The Gnomon Workshop.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This establishing shot of 1950s Paris required multiple mattepaintings to be blended together based on geometry occlusion to prevent projection smearing between buildings. The techniques that were developed for this shot ended up becoming the foundation for the first version of the Mattepainting Toolkit, which was released in 2009.

The hero buildings in the foreground were modeled to the camera-projected paintings, and the background buildings were modeled procedurally with a rules-based MEL script.



The Interlagos racetrack in São Paulo, Brazil, became the set of a telenovela titled "Passione" in 2010. This video shows a breakdown of how the digital racetrack was built using the photogrammetry features of the Mattepainting Toolkit.

North Beach Aerial

This breakdown demonstrates how the Mattepainting Toolkit was used to blend 4 aerial photographs to create a fully textured 3D environment. Once a camera move is established for the shot, the toolkit is used to render a coverage map, which is a grayscale representation of what is visible to the render camera over the frame range of the shot. Artists can then use this map as a guide for determining where to concentrate patch paint details, so that no effort is wasted on areas not visible in the final shot.

You can download this Maya scene file and try the toolkit out for yourself. The geometry and cameras are already set up in the scene, and the photographs are included in the download archive in both scanline exr and png formats. Simply download the toolkit and then follow the documentation for usage. When projecting the linear exrs, make sure to set gamma correction in the viewport or the images will appear dark.

More Videos

Older videos and tutorials can be found here on the Glyph Vimeo Channel.